The supply of air must be free of contamination. The type of contamination that need to be eliminated are water (condensation produced by the temperature change while compressing the air), atmospheric dust, and rust scale. it is important to keep dust and debris from entering the air motor when the tool is disconnected from the air supply hose. Alw… Read More

When I was a baby, technology was too. Watching The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show on TV was the spark that ignited my life-long love for the guitar. Shortly after that, my parents bought a console record player from a department store called Woolworths. They called it HI-FI meaning high fidelity which was the newest technology. I was certainly im… Read More

In the water heating business, the question "Who Makes The Best Tankless Water Heater?" always leads to three main manufacturers namely Taking, Busch, and Palomar. The good thing about buying from these makers is that they produce the sturdiest and most reliable water heaters. Aside from buying from these makers, there are also some benefits that c… Read More